I am is a tech evangelist specializing in explaining technology to techno-ignorami among other things.

i find myself pontificating on a variety of subject matter, some things at length, others in brevity: the aforementioned technology, all things iphone, homeschool, gardening, georgics, the Civil War, Founding Fathers, inalienable rights, children (hers-mostly), amazingly brilliant inventions and business ideas, the LDS Church and life in general.

I currently teach a weekly Shakespearean studies and acting class to 13-14 year olds and I am the president of the Young Women’s organization in my LDS ward in Ramona.

I am the wife to the amazing Master Business Developer, Rafael Cabrera (see RafaelCabrera.com and ToolsfortheCapitalist.com) and am the mother to five children: Sofi, Libby, Gabe, Tillie and Isa, all of which seem to grow like weeds!

You can follow her on twitter (/mikkicabrera) or watch for her upcoming podcast (!).

Would you like to get ahold of me? It’s not that difficult, so long as you have a name, an email address and something to say.

Feel free to drop me a line if you’re a. looking for answers about homeschooling, b. want to help build Ramona City, c. inquiring about my religion, d. have any other question you think I might have an answer for.


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